banana bread smackdown

I am throwing a brunch for a group of friends tomorrow, so I wanted to make something that non-health obsessives would find palatable and maybe even enjoyable.  I decided on banana bread.  Being the over-achiever that I am I decided that I would make two different banana bread recipes and see how they compare.

In one corner is Flour's Famous Banana Bread Recipe which I found by googling "banana bread recipe" (clever detective work, I know) and clicking on the Food Network link.  A health bread it is not, but I am serving other people here so I thought I would go for it--oil, eggs, sugar and all.  But I couldn't help myself and did switch out about 1/3rd of the white flour for chick pea flour.

In the other corner is Hungry Girl's Banana Bread Recipe promising a healthier, lower calorie option.  I didn't feel like feeding guests artificial sweetener so I used brown sugar instead of the Splenda and I threw some chick pea flour into this one instead of the white flour.

In both recipes I added walnuts which I toasted beforehand to enhance their walnuttiness.

The Flour's recipe is the hands-down winner.  It really looks, tastes and feels like banana bread.  Good banana bread with real depth of flavor.  On the other hand, the Hungry Girl bread is on the bland side.  It's not bad but not really going to impress your friends.  If you want to chomp on something that is banana bread-like and low in fat, go ahead and bake some Hungry Girl Banana Bread.  But if you want a homemade banana bread indulgence to serve to others, then the Flour's recipe is the way to go.

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