have some self respect--eat real oatmeal

For the life of me, I do not understand why people bother with "instant oatmeal."  Regular oatmeal can be cooked in the microwave in two minutes.  At work, I just pour hot water from the coffee machine into a cup with oats and, voila, oatmeal in under five minutes with no effort.

Why is there a need for a product to speed up that process?  Why do people buy into it and spend way more than necessary on their oats?  Plus, instant oatmeal will spike your blood sugar faster than old fashioned oats and will not be as filling.  There are so many other aspects of life that could use instafying; it is simply puzzling that oats have received this scrutiny.  The instant oatmeal folks should focus some energy on laundry or hair straightening and get their grubby mitts off of oats.

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