watermelon and cottage cheese

Me (over the phone in pathetic voice): It's 8 p.m. and I'm only getting home from work now.
Boyfriend: Poor baby.
Me: I know.  It's so late that I can't eat a real dinner now.
Boyfriend: Awww.
Me (continuing on my pursuit of pity): I'll have to eat watermelon and cottage cheese.
Boyfriend: Who are you kidding?  There is probably nothing else you would prefer to eat for dinner.
Me: Well, I suppose you have a point there.

Watermelon is quite simply one of the finest foods in the world.  It has antioxidants and potassium and all that jazz, but more importantly, it's downright delicious.  Is there anything better on a summer day than some cold watermelon?  Of course not.  Even if you were slaving for the man in an office all day, coming home to a cold bowl of watermelon is like having summer for dinner.  If you couple it with a bowl of cottage cheese, you get some protein and can call the experience a meal.

As an aside, one watermelon trend I truly cannot understand is watermelon soup.  Why would you want to mess with that crunchy smooth texture??  It almost breaks my heart to think of perfectly ripe watermelon flesh being forced into a food processor only to be thrashed into watery pulp.

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