what to order at bouchon bistro?

Bouchon Bistro is Thomas Keller's new hoity-toity restaurant in the Montage in Beverly Hills.  I have to admit that Keller (of French Laundry fame) makes some excellent food, but spa cuisine it is not.  Navigating the menu to find a healthier option was no easy feat.  I considered just ordering a salad, but I did not want to be a total spoilsport.  So, I went for the steamed mussels (a.k.a. Moules au Safron).   And while they were steamed (which is usually a good sign that the calorie count won't shock the conscience), there was a mustard butter sauce lurking on the bottom of the dish.  If you can resist spooning up the butter, the dish makes for a nice compromise--great flavor and richness but you also retain some control on the butter intake.   The mussels come with pommes frites but I asked to substitute the beets for the fries.  Even though I do not fully trust any vegetable that serves as a sugar source I figured I was at least better off with beets than with fries.   The beets were good though could have used a touch more salt.  For dessert I had one (well, maybe two) bites of a truly exceptional rhubarb and strawberry tart with oatmeal ice cream.  

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