fit-ish pizza night!

Ahhh, pizza night.  Everyone needs pizza every once in awhile.  It's a survival necessity.  In order to keep it and you in the fit category, you're better off making it at home than ordering out.  Here, I took some Trader Joe's whole wheat dough and cut the package of dough in half.  I proceeded to trash one half, allowed the other half to sit out at room temperature for an hour and then rolled out that half to a full size pizza.  If you use the whole dough, the crust will be too thick and carb-ridden.  With half a package you have a nice thin crust.  Plus, while the Trader Joe's dough is decent, the taste is not awe-inspiring.

I used a raw sauce without any oil--just a can of raw tomatoes, lots of garlic, fresh basil and salt whipped together in a food processor.  I smoothed some sauce on the dough and then sprinkled on some shredded mozzarella with a light hand.

Now, we get to the fun part--toppings!  I went wild with the vegetables--mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers.  I also cut up some really flavorful olives into small pieces in order to get the olive kick of taste without a ton of olive calories and fat.  I used a pizza peel (from Surfas) to slide the pizza into the oven and onto a pizza stone (from Williams Sonoma) and baked it at 500 degrees until the cheese was bubbling and started browning.  I used the pizza peel to retrieve my masterpiece from the oven, threw on some fresh basil and then allowed it to cool for about 10 minutes while I ate a salad so that I would be able to limit the pizza intake to two slices and still feel like I had a large, full dinner.  Then, it was pizza

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