my current oral fixation obsession

Ever since Altoids cruelly discontinued its cinnamon gum, I've been in search of something to satisfy my oral fixation in polite company.  Luckily for me and the pens in the office, I have found IT.

Spry Chewing Gumis delightful and I can even convince myself that it's not too chemically horrible for me since it is sweetened with xylitol and has a limited number of exotic ingredients.  Trust me, it is no easy feat to find a sugar free gum without aspartame.  I spent an inordinate amount of time in the gum aisles of grocery and club stores grossly disappointed until I took to the web.  My first venture with Spry was with their cinnamon gum and the first package had a nice mellow cinnamon flavor.  Sadly, when I went back for more the second container i ordered had too much cinnamon strength even for a former Altoids chewer like myself (I tend to like to keep my taste buds to remain intact).  So, I have moved on to the fresh fruit flavor which is quite refreshing.  I have also tried the green tea which is an interesting option but does not hit the spot like the fresh fruit.

Please don't abandon me Spry!!

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