what to order at ruth's chris?

Steak houses specialize in the food for the unfit.  They slop on butter like they own a controlling interest in whatever company makes Lipitor.  So, finding a healthy meal worthy of the steak houses prices you will be charged is no easy feat.  Take Ruth's Chris.  I scoured the menu online ahead of time knowing that the dinner would be like navigating through a field of landmines of fat.

I began with the salad menu.   The Ruth's Jumbo Chop Salad sounded intriguing.  True, I would have to ask for it without the bacon, eggs, croutons, bleu cheese and with the dressing on the side, which admittedly might make me sound high maintenance when we are just at the salad stage.  But then I clicked on the handily provided picture on the online menu to see that this "salad" is really just a pile of dressing and cheese held up by some greens and topped with glorified onion rings.  No thanks.  I decided to keep it simple and get the Caesar salad with dressing on the side.  Meaning I had a quite fine plate of romaine and romano cheese with fork dippings of freshly made, garlicky rich Caesar dressing now and again to liven things up.

I skipped over the appetizers completely since I am still recovering from an ill-advised barbecued shrimp incident at Fleming's.   Silly me--I thought that barbecued shrimp might be some light, healthy grilled shrimp with some barbecue seasoning.  It turns out that the dish "barbecued shrimp" at steak houses is actually a pool of sweetened butter with a few shrimp lounging around.  Never again.

Onto the entrees.    I considered the market fresh seafood selection but was wary of the butter that my fish would be swimming in.  So, I went for the  ahi tuna stack (picture above).  It was an excellent choice.  Since the ahi is just seared, there is only so much butter that can be integrated into the fish.  The plate is covered with a film of butter, but luckily, due to the stack design, the upper layers of ahi were mostly butter-free.  The portion was HUGE.  So leaving the lower tier ahi pieces was no sacrifice.  The ahi meat was fresh and tender with a nice spice rub.  I would definitely order again.  Unfortunately, this entree is not currently showing up on the online menu.  Hopefully, it has not been discontinued but is only taking a brief internet break.

The desserts are very traditional.  My boyfriend loves the caramelized banana cream pie so being the sport that I am, I obligingly took a bite.  Nice but really not worth it.  Tasted a bit bland/predictable.  Overall, though, a successful steak-house outing.  I got a good salad, an excellent protein-rich, relatively low fat entree and a touch of sweet for dessert.

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