A Kogi Korean BBQ Indulgence

I caught up with the Kogi Truck this weekend for some Korean BBQ tacos.  This is by no means diet food, but there is something undeniably fun about partaking in innovative cuisine from a truck.  And it was amazing!

The Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla was outstanding.  The tangy kimchi contrasted beautifully with the melted cheese (I'm guessing jack) and it was all covered in the most splendid spicy, sweet red sauce with toasted sesame seeds.  Even though kimchi on its own is a "world's healthiest foods" medal winner, this dish is definitely not health food.  Sure, you have the kimchi's fiber and good bacteria, but you also have the cheese, the (white flour) tortilla and the sauce (which definitely has some butter or oil in it and some sugar).  I split it with my boyfriend, so had two decadent slices.

Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla
I then had a Korean Tofu Taco which was excellent even though not quite as mind-blowing as the quesadilla.  The taco has a salsa verde, is covered in a mix of cabbage and is accompanied by a refreshing fresh raddish and a lime wedge.  The tofu was nicely cooked and the perfect firmness.  I spared myself some carbs and calories by only eating one of the two mini tortillas holding it all together.

Kogi Korean Tofu Taco
Last, I had two Korean Chicken Tacos.  These had a touch of a red sauce instead of the salsa verde served with the tofu.  The chicken had more dark meat and fatty pieces than I would have liked.  The tacos were definitely good, but next time I am going to just go with the tofu tacos since the sauces and combination of flavors (rather than the quality of the meat) is what makes Kogi waiting-in-line-worthy.  So, I might as well save some calories and fat grams and opt for the tofu.  By the time I got to the chicken tacos, I was almost full anyway so I just ate the chicken, cabbage and raddish with a fork and left the tortillas on my take away carton (at the risk of looking like the spoiled finicky child I truly am).

Kogi Korean Chicken Taco

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