Low Fat Homage to Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Thai mango sticky rice is a delicious but high fat dessert.  Darn coconut milk!  Luckily, my boyfriend had a stroke of genius and decided to combine some left over sushi rice with a fresh, perfectly ripe mango from the farmer's market.  I threw in the whipped cream suggestion and this dish was born.    

If you happen to make sushi at home this dessert basically makes itself.  Just place about half a cup of the leftover rice in a bowl, add a touch of salt, pile on the sliced mango and hit it with some whipped cream.  Voila!  In minutes flat, you have a dish that very nicely mimics the flavor profile of mango sticky rice without all the fat from the coconut milk.  The vinegary rice, salt, mango and whipped cream meld together into sweet, tangy, salty and creamy deliciousness.  If you're not an at home sushi chef, you should really reconsider.  It's great fun, impresses friends and is a good way to make healthy meals.  If you're not convinced and you still want to try this mango delight, you can just make the sushi rice using this easy recipe that has readily available ingredients or find another recipe lurking online.  

Be aware that as fruits go, mangoes are pretty high in sugar.  According to caloriecount.com, a medium mango has 31 grams of sugar.  Not ideal, but we are talking dessert here.  Plus, you are better off than the classic mango sticky rice, which according to sparkrecipies.com has 220 calories and 12.3 grams of fat per serving and a full 111 of those calories come from the coconut milk.  

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