"Good to the Grain" Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was in a baking mood this weekend since it's the holidays after all and my new copy of  Kim Boyce's Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours just arrived.  I flipped through the book which has some delectable pictures and tried to choose what to make first.  I decided to start at the beginning with whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.  In part, this weighty decision was based on the fact that I did not have a tart pan or the needed ingredients for the fascinating olive oil rosemary cake with chocolate.  So my first olive oil cake will have to wait until another time.

I bought this book since I have a tendency to try to make baked goods overly healthy--removing the fats and the sugars which can sometimes lead to lackluster results.  Boyce's approach is the opposite.  She took recipes for full out treats and experimented to see where she could incorporate some whole grains without sacrificing on taste.  So, this is no health food book but shows how you can push a recipe by adding healthful elements.  I'm sure once I work through some of these recipes I will start experimenting with reducing the amount of sugar and butter but on my first go round I decided to comply with Boyce's dictates.  My only substitution was that I used Trader Joe's white whole wheat flour instead of regular whole flour since that is what I had on hand.

The cookies turned out beautifully and my house smelled heavenly.  The cookies were buttery and perfectly crispy on the edges with excellent flavor.  Better yet, since they were so rich and delicious I only ate one (fresh and warm from the oven), felt satisfied and brought the rest as a hostess gift to a holiday party.  It all worked out very well.  I got to indulge in sugar and butter and the scent of freshly baked cookies but yet only consumed a small treat (suped up with some whole grains) and was able to share some wonderful fresh cookies with friends.

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