Rosemary, mushroom, peppers and feta omelet

Rosemary, mushroom, peppers and feta omelet with Ezekiel toast

I went all out for breakfast this morning and treated myself with a low fat protein-packed rosemary, mushroom, peppers and feta omelet.  I had some leftover fresh rosemary from making a rosemary olive oil cake so I finely chopped it.  Then I sauteed some sliced crimini mushrooms, frozen mixed peppers and the rosemary in a pan lightly sprayed with olive oil.  Once I had some nice caramelization going, I put the vegetables and rosemary into a bowl and cleaned the pan.  Then I re-heated it, re-sprayed with olive oil and poured in a generous serving of egg beaters (about the equivalent of four eggs).  Once the egg was slightly firm, I poured on the vegetables and rosemary and added a touch of feta.  I covered the vegetables, rosemary and feta with half of the eggs and allowed to cook a few more minutes while I toasted some Ezekiel sesame seed bread.

With the toast fresh out of the toaster and covered with a light spreading of Earth Balance, I slid the eggs onto a plate and salted and peppered generously.  It was delicious.  The feta was salty and creamy, the rosemary was fresh and earthy, the peppers were slightly sweet, and the mushrooms made it all worthwhile.  Plus, just when life and breakfast didn't seem like it could get any better, I reaped all of the myriad of claimed health benefits of rosemary--an immune boost, increased circulation, improved digestion, anti-inflammation, and even improved concentration.

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