Christmas Cookie-tainment

A great holiday (or anytime) food indulgence is to invite friends or family over to decorate cookies.  I prefer not to actually mix friends and family, but I'll leave that call up to you.  The crucial element for fitness purposes is to go so overboard with the decorations that the cookies are pretty much inedible or just so darn adorable that they're too painful to eat (see pedicured feet above).  Yes, you read that correctly—allow creativity to triumph over culinary decency.  Let your imagination, food coloring and inner-froster go wild.  No need to limit yourself with considerations about whether anyone would ever eat your creations.  Just have fun with whomever your cookie cohorts are and snack on some fruit if you actually want to eat something.  To further the goal of achieving cookies that are more of an artistic statement than items to be digested, just use a simple sugar cookie recipe (I used the Joy of Baking one for the cookies pictured) and store-bought frosting and sprinkles.  These shortcuts allow you to focus on the main event--the decorating.  And if you actually take the time to follow an intricate recipe, you might want to do something crazy and eat your baked goods.  Trust me--making cookies your canvas and letting your inner-Kandinsky sprinkles fly can be intensely fun.  Plus, it allows you to release a lot of that pent up holiday food angst you may be harboring without all of those pesky calories. 

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