Dim Sum at Seafood Paradise in Westminster, California

Scallop Dumplings--I don't know the Chinese name

Sometimes it's nice to mix up the weekend routine and venture out for some dim sum.  I went to Seafood Paradise No. 2 in Westminster, California with some friends recently and indulged in this feast.  Seafood Paradise has pretty good variety, tasty food and decent wait times even during prime time dim sum times.  So, if you're in the area and you're craving some sesame balls, it will hit the spot.  

Har Gow--Shrimp Dumplings

The key for health purposes is to stick with the steamed items and to resist the urge to keep grabbing more and more dishes from those tempting carts as they are wheeled by.  I'm not sure why food looks so much more intriguing in motion, but they are really onto something with those carts.  For the most part, I stick with har gow--steamed shrimp dumplings.  I also mix in some steamed scallop dumplings.  

Char Siu Bao--Baked BBQ Pork Buns

My dining companions enjoyed some pork buns, but being the buzzkill that I am, I passed.

Gai-Lan--Chinese Broccoli
I also had a few bites of Chinese Broccoli to get some greenage.  The portion size is huge so beware if you hate wasting food.  

I finished it all off with half of a sesame ball.  It was slightly sweet, rich from the oil with a satisfying toasted sesame seed flavor.  After the boyfriend made fun of me for only eating half, he gladly finished it for me.  

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